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The Directorate of Internistitutional and International Relations of Universidade Federal de Uberlândia is related to the Rector’s Cabinet, which has the purpose of widening and consolidating the internationalization and UFU’s bonds of interinstitutional cooperation, meaning important instruments for strengthening the University. It was established as an Advisory body in 2005, starting from the already existing experience from the former office of international relations. In fact, isolated actions of interinstitutional and international cooperation exist since the creation of the first faculties that afterward became in the nowadays known as UFU. However, an important impulse was given since the end of the 1980’s of the 20th century, with the consolidated agreements in the areas of engineering, especially with French institutions. The first years of the 21st century are highlighted by the expansion not only of the reaching areas of agreements, but also of countries and institutions with which UFU establishes agreements of international cooperation. Nowadays, UFU possesses almost one hundred thirty agreements with institutions located in more than twenty countries. The formalization, through agreements and protocols, of interinstitutional and international relations established between UFU and other universities and research centers, situated in national and international scopes, allows contact between students, teachers and scholars, generates collective investigation and publication and, above all, intensifies the bonds of cooperation and friendship necessary for institutional growth and development. As a result of international agreements already established, UFU promotes international events in different areas and receives, in its faculty staff, visiting scholars, teachers from distinct countries who participate in UFU’s academic life actively, offering classes for graduate courses, guiding and co-guiding thesis, participating in examination boards, giving lectures, publishing articles and books in partnership with teachers from UFU, among other activities. Furthermore, many teachers from UFU visit and develop studies in different Brazilian institutions and in countries located in the five continents, enrolling in similar activities to those accomplished at UFU by our partners. UFU seeks to build up its interinstitutional and international relations, hoping to improve and expand existing experiences, becoming a reference of a plural and multicultural university in which context should prevail principles of tolerance, respect for the differences and the unstoppable struggle for the equality of rights and social justice.